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Healthy Saving Habits

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Rent an Apartment with the Ideal Credit Score

So the time has come for you to secure a new apartment. With that comes a few challenges. You have to decide on a place, get in contact with a landlord and negotiate a...

The Art of Paying Less by Negotiating

A key part of any financial plan should be finding ways to save money; the art of paying less. There are many money-saving techniques. One of them is negotiating. You don't always have to pay for an...

How to Change Your Money Habits

Learning how to have a healthy relationship with money is essential to prevent poor credit scores and financial hardship. When you struggle to pay your bills on time, keep enough money in your savings...

Prepare for Retirement in the 21st Century

People used to feel that they were safe in retirement. Social security and loving children used to be all people felt they needed. However, social security is looking less viable day after day. People...